Monday, June 25, 2012

Gr. 6 students Paige and Sophie ~ Guest Bloggers

Randerson Ridge Elementary Library Review
By Sophie and Paige
About Our Library

            Randerson Ridge Elementary school’s library is bright, fun and friendly.  There are five tables, where you and classmates can sit down to do work to discuss subjects with the librarian Mrs. Martineau.   During our library classes, we learn to use tools such as iPods, iPads and web cat.  We also learn how to make a bibliography.  On the iPods and iPads, we use programs such as imovie, puppet pals and book creator.  We use these apps to make educational videos.  The library has thousand of great books.  There are four computers at the side of the library which students can use to go on web cat or search for information for projects.  Web cat is a program that was only introduced to the library this year.  Web cat is a program where you can search for books in the library or see if you have any books taken out.  
About Our Librarian
            Our Librarian’s name is Mrs. Martineau.  Instead of coming in finding a book and leaving, she engages us in activities, such as using iPods and iPads.  With the younger students (primary) she reads to them, and then let’s them search for books.  She is a fabulous librarian. 

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  1. Paige and Sophie, what an excellent review of our library and of course, our fabulous librarian, Mrs. Martineau. Nicely done!
    Mr. M.