Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Randerson kids and staff are really getting in the swing of .....

Get Caught Reading.....

I've been so impressed with how many pictures are coming in and how creative everyone is with their pictures.  Here are a few sent to me today.  Be sure to come in and check out the pictures in the foyer.  Look for rock climbing reading, handstand reading and reading at beautiful beaches and other great summer destinations.  Remember you can bring your photos in through September.  Students that have Reading Logs from the summer please return them to me by the end of next week. Wow am I impressed with all the summer reading, many students read for 30 min or more a day! What great books you have all been reading.  Please share your reviews with us as guest bloggers.  My favourite read this summer "Al Capone Does my Shirts" by Gennifer Choldenko.
 Nothing says summer like reading an Archie

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