Monday, April 8, 2013

Author Visit with John Wilson ~ A great afternoon

Randerson Division's 1-4 enjoyed a visit from author John Wilson this week.  John is an excellent storyteller sharing stories of his Dad's experiences growing up in India and going on wild boar and crocodile hunts. John shared how he got his ideas and how he bases all his stories on historical fiction.  We learned so much about his process of writing, where he gets his ideas from and how we can all be authors.  We enjoyed learning about the Series 7 written by seven Canadian authors. Our copies of all 7 books are in huge demand.  Today our Gr. 6's chose the Series 7 for our June book club. What a perfect choice! 

Comments from our students included:
“I liked how funny and entertaining he was with his stories. “
“I liked how he told stories of his dad and showed us how we can become authors.”
“I have never read any of his books but now I want to.”
“I like how the 7 series is written by seven different authors and how John and Eric wrote their characters like they were talking to each other.”
“It was amazing. He can really tell a story.”

Thanks John for visiting Randerson

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