Wednesday, June 12, 2013

June Book Club ~ Great Discussion, reflection, connections and of course yummy treats

An excited group of Gr. 5 and 6's gathered in the library at long recess today to discuss our book club choice of the month 'Out of My Mind' by Sharon Draper.  The conversation started with one student voicing her dislike of the ending, especially when Penny was injured in the car accident.  We all thought it was a surprising twist, that added hardship to a family that had been through so much. Of course the drama in these details kept us reading and wanting more.        

Ayden said she has never read a book so fast and was sad when it was over as she still wanted more. Many agreed.  Everyone felt Melody was brave, smart and funny.  One student felt that Mr. Dimming was not the teacher that she would want because he didn't stand up to the meanies Claire and Molly, he didn't phone Melody's family when the plane was early and he was really mean saying "the test must be easy if Melody did well on it" .  We all didn't think he behaved well as a teacher nor as an adult. 

Catherine and Mrs. V really began creating life-changing opportunities for Melody and found ways she could have a voice. We all loved these characters.

My favourite thing about today's book club was the non-stop chatter among the students about characters, feelings and comparisons to other characters in other stories.  I loved the empathy each student spoke of and the attention to detail they showed in their conversations.  Mercedes spoke of how she could relate to Melody's use of songs for inspiration and telling a story, even creating moods and describing songs as colours and temperatures. The discussion led to connections with Rules by Cynthia Lord and Wonder by R.J.Palacio.

I thank all our students who attended the book clubs throughout the year. I get so much out of our discussions. I look forward to many more book club discussions.  Remember if you want to discuss books this summer e-mail me or blog.

Happy Reading
Mrs. Martineau

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