Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Gr. 6 & 7 Book Club The Seven Series

It was a full house for our book club today as we discussed The Series 7 by 7 great Canadian authors. Normally we have one book to discuss but with author John Wilson visiting us last May and author Eric Walters visiting us last month we opted for The Series 7.  Your ticket in the door was to have read one of the seven books.  Not surprisingly many of the students had read at least two from the series and some had read more. 

All seven books were enjoyed by at least one of our book clubbers. We discussed the series as a whole and each book individually.  We looked at connections and differences between the books and the authors' writing styles.  We discussed how each authors' style brought out different aspects of the seven cousins.

Here's reviews by two students:
                                                               Review on 7 series
I read Close to The Heel and Between Haven and Earth!  It was very well thought of, of how there were 7 different authors and they all connect in some way.  I liked Close to the Heel more because it was funny and got interesting really quick!  I highly recommend the whole series and I definitely want to read them all!
 Jacob Grade 7

                                                          Review on Devil's Pass
It is an awesome engaging book with intense scenes.  I would highly recommend this to a friend. I would say this book is for kids with a grade level and maturity of about 5-7.  This is the boss book
and you have to read it if you enjoy funny stories with some combat scenes. Read more reviews for more information. 
Branden (B Dog) Gr. 7
I was really proud of the depth of discussion our Gr. 6/7 students demonstrated. Their character knowledge, connections and inferences were excellent.

Thank you to our Gr. 6/7 students who took part in book club.  It was a dream discussion.

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