Thursday, February 5, 2015

Fire Fighters Visit Randerson to Talk About Burn Prevention

Fire Fighters Greg and Elisa
Fire fighters Greg and Elisa visited Randerson this week as part of Burn Prevention week.

Did you know? 

Hot liquid is the #1 cause of burns.

Kitchen and bathrooms are the places most burn accidents happen.

Children between 1 & 2 are the highest percentage of burn victims. 

What can you do if you get burned?

Apply cool water.  The cool water will take the burn out of the skin. 

Do not put creams or eggs (yuck!) on a burn as it will act as a blanket and seal the burn.

Science lesson #1
Have you held a hot cup then dumped the liquid out and the cup is still piping hot? 

We learned that happens because the heat is still in/on the cup.  It is still burning when touching the skin.  You need to apply cool water to stop the burn from going deeper. 

Science lesson #2
Our skin regulates our temperature (that's why we sweat when we get hot).  A burn can damage the skin.  If damaged, the skin can't regulate our temperature.  If you put a burn victim in an ice bath to cool them off, they might get hypothermia because their body reacts separately to the ice.  Firefighters Greg and Elisa said cool water, not ice, is best for treating a burn.

What happens if you find matches or lighters on the playground?  Be sure to tell and adult and have them pick it up.  We don't want young children playing with matches. 

Do you have a smoke detector in your house?  Be sure to check it and make sure it is working.  Make sure it beeps.  Its best to have a smoke detector on each floor and close to bedrooms, such as the hallway. When we are sleeping our sense of smell relaxes so a smoke detector will help us be alerted to a problem.

Thanks firefighters Greg and Elisa for visiting Randerson.  We learned a lot!

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