Tuesday, April 7, 2015

A Long Walk To Water - Great book club!

Book Club
This week in book club we discussed A Long Walk to Water by Linda Sue Park.  The story follows 11 year-old Salva as he and his classmates run from gunfire during the rebel’s war against the government in Southern Sudan in 1985.  A parallel story is told through the eyes of Nya, an 11 year-old girl in Southern Sudan in 2008.  Nya walks 8 hours each day to fetch water for her family. 
The stories follow Nya and Salva through unimaginable conditions and we see through the eyes of these young people the determination, perseverance and hope that allows them to move forward. A Long Walk to Water is based on a true story.  Our book club highly recommends this book.
The Lost Boys of Sudan 12 years later. 
60 minutes caught up with the boys.
A Long Walk to Water - interview with author Linda Sue Park
Water for Sudan - Salva Dut's non-profit organization building wells across Africa

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