Friday, December 28, 2012

January ~ Conspiracy 365

The first of Gabrielle Lord's 12 book series, January Conspiracy 365, gets your adrenaline flowing right from the first page.   Fifteen year old Callum Ormond is chased by a dying man who is screaming his name.  This man has secret information he wants to pass on to Callum. Callum wants nothing to do with him.  We soon learn he better listen to the clues to help him get through the next 365 days. 

Be it capsizing boats, bad guys chasing him or trying to solve the mystery that caused his father's death, Cal is constantly on the run.  This adventure is fast paced, gritty and mysterious.  The first book ends with the reader wanting to grab February Conspiracy 365 and keep reading.  I look forward to discussing this book in our first book club of 2013. 

PS - Take note of the page numbers while reading....It's all part of the countdown to December 31st.

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