Thursday, January 10, 2013

Guest Blogger re: CSI


I thoroughly enjoyed the CSI unit that we had in our classroom. I loved every part of this unit from learning about witnessing things to the court case. I also really enjoyed working in a group because I didn’t just have my own opinion but I had other people’s too.
            I liked the crime scene investigation on the evidence that was found. My favorite station was the one that we got the burn wool and cotton, to find out what the mystery string was.
            The hardest part of this course was finding out who committed the crime, but that was all sorted out when we had our court case! The court case was excellent because it was very realistic, and it was also really funny. Over all, I had lots of fun, and I would definitely do this again!
Paige Gr. 7

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  1. Paige, Shayla, Shirin and Steven,
    I am thrilled you all enjoyed the CSI unit recently. It was a great opportunity to participate in a real life learning experience that crime scene investigators have to do everyday in their jobs. Well done. I like all of your reflections!
    Mr. M.