Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Grade 1's Review Marshall Armstrong is New to Our School

       Today Mrs. Rhodes Grade One class looked at three books new to our library. Scoot by Catherine Falwell, Ready for Anything by Keiko Kasza, and Marshall Armstrong is New to Our School by David Mackintosh.  

       After using our Strong Reading Tools including looking at the cover and discussing what we know for sure, what we might predict and what we would like to know from the story, we voted on which book to take a closer look at.  That is the book we read, discussed and reviewed today.

Photo taken on i-phone by Gr. 1 students
Grade One Review:
Students discussed what Marshall Armstrong might be feeling at his new school?

"If a new person comes to school we should be their friends." 
"We should share our toys"   
"We should show them how things work at our school (routines)."
"I would play with him at recess because that would make him feel better."

My favourite part of the story was.....
  • when they slide down the pole in Marshall's house...all the way to the bottom floor
  • I liked when they took a nap because I would like a nap after playing so hard then I would have lots of energy to play some more
  • I would like to try organic birthday cake. It sound yummy
  • I liked it when the new girl came to school and it all started again said
Students took a picture of the dedication in the front of the book. 
 We talked about what a dedication is and could be and we talked about Mrs. Royle retiring.  We had lots of warm memories of Mrs. Royle being our school secretary when we were in kindergarten.

14 students gave it ...

4 student gave it...

1 student gave it...

Thank you Grade One's for reviewing this book :)

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