Thursday, April 12, 2012

Grade 1's Explore math and literacy with iPads

Mrs. Rhodes Grade one class is embracing iPads with gusto.  In math they are working on tangrams. Ancient Chinese puzzles that are completed using 7 geometrical shapes.  Students learn shapes, patterns and combination of shapes to create a puzzle.  This is reinforcing the concepts they are currently working on in math.  
Shapes used in making a tangram

In language arts the students are learning about spring.  Today they explored spring by beginning their stories with the book creator app. 

Gr. one's took a picture of spring or something meaningful in their classroom.  They then imported the picture into book creator app, added text and added their voice.  In no time these six year olds were determining their best read and deleting recordings that weren't up to their standards.  They were creating wonderfully imaginative spring scenes including having their stuffies create a Don Cherry, Ron Maclean type hockey chatter on how the Canucks will win. 

Mrs. Rhodes and her students are loving the iPads.  She said "It's a perfect example of how we all learn from each other, with students showing students, teachers showing and being shown techniques and everyone learning through collaboration."  Mrs. Rhodes says the skills the students are becoming so adept at include framing pictures, choosing background, importing pictures, writing text on the keyboard, recording and playing back their voice. They are using critical thinking skills while having a lot of fun. 

Enjoy their sure to read their scripts.    
I love the conversation between the two boys (see their written text)

The icon indicates our gr. 1 student recorded her words but I am still working on learning how to transfer the audio through this app