Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Puppet Pal Story Telling with the 5/6's

Today Mr. Mac's class took on puppet pals.  Our goal to create a story with 2-4 characters, 2 or 3 settings and a strong beginning, middle and end.  The story had to have a conflict and conflict resolution with no violence.  Students worked in partners.  Thanks to my teacher-librarian colleague Tammy Reynolds for suggesting this lesson.

 - We liked how easy it was to manouver the characters (larger, smaller, rotating)
-  We liked how easy it was to record except on three ipads, we tried numerous times and could not record.
-   Some students took pictures of characters (themselves or others) and of settings, some students were able to import these into their stories while others were not.  Through trial and error we realized the iPads have 3 puppet pals apps on them.  It was the directors version with the cloud and character on the icon that was needed to use the personalized pictures
- We didn't like the fact you have to record the entire story in one take as this required many takes and lots of retakes due to background noise
- We learned from each other and liked the program, especially when you could import personal pictures