Thursday, April 26, 2012

Gr. 2's are learning about the salmon life cycle

Ms. Lycan and Mrs. Uhlmann's Gr. 2's classes have been studying the salmon life cycle.  They have seen first hand the stages from eyed-eggs, to alevin, fry and learned about the smolt and adult salmon stages.  This week they are releasing their salmon back into the river.  In celebration of this learning Brendan's mom baked this incredible cake. 

The salmon fry are ready to be released.  Students have learned about the life-cycle, habitat and caring for salmon.  Below the fry swim in the classroom tank waiting for release day.


  1. Well done, Brendan! Your video was awesome! You know many things about salmon and your mom made an amazing cake.
    Mr. M.

  2. I can't wait to hear how release day went today. I hope our Grade 2's will be guest bloggers next week. Great video Brendan! Mrs. Martineau

  3. Such a good throwback...

    Rylan R. Grade 8

  4. It was good to see my friend from when he was so much younger :D

    Dafydd T. Grade 8