Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Gr.5/6/7's choose their favourite apps ~ Gr. 2's talk about texture

Mr. McKinlay's Gr. 5/6 and Mr. Zimmer's grade 6/7 classes spent their last day with iPads exploring their favourite apps.  Their task was to find 3 apps that they felt were a) educational b) fun to use and c) had multiple features.
Students used Explain Everthing.

Mrs. Uhlmann's Gr. 2 class are studying different textures in art and science.  They are using scientific descpritive words like flexible, rough, smooth and hard to describe different textures.  To empahsize their understanding of texture and use of descriptive words, the Gr. 2's used Book Creator to take pictures of texture, write text and record their voice describing textures around our playground. Their voices were captured but I was unable to transfer them to this format.  I have written the student's recordings in the caption box below the pictures.

The tree is rough and bumpy.  The fence is smooth and scratchy.


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