Friday, May 4, 2012

Gr. 3's say THANK YOU

Guest bloggers today :) 
Ms. Burnham's grade 3's say thank you for a fun field trip
Dr. Gregory Arkos, VIU Astronomy Professor
Garland Coulson and the Nanaimo Astronomy Society
Ryan and George Clark
& all the parents and grandparents who joined us

Thank you for coming to our night field trip. It was the most fun field trip I ever had. Thank you for coming. Alex

Thank you for showing us the stars. My favourite thing was learning about Mars. Joey

Beautiful art work Gr. 3's
Thank you for setting up all those telescopes and to Dr. Arkos for pointing out some constellations. I liked seeing the Space Station go past. Ryan

Thank you. I love the Big Dipper! Sarah                                             

Thank you for coming to our field trip. It was fun. I liked the cookies. Owen

Thank you for coming. It was really fun. Liam

Thank you for everything. I enjoyed the big star. Rylee

Thank you for all the telescopes and knowledge that you shared with us. We are happy you came with us stargazing. My favourite part was the Space Station! Jada

I would like to know about space, what all the constellations are and everything I missed on Friday night. It looks like it was fun. Aaron

Thank you so much!! I really enjoyed learning about the constellations. The Cassiopia really entertained me. Danielle

Thank you so much. I loved the telescopes. Mackenzie

Thank you for the star walk. I liked the hot chocolate! Kyle

Thank you for coming to our stargazing field trip. It was really fun! I liked the stars and constellations. Annika

Thank you for coming to our stargazing Friday night. My favourite part was looking through the telescopes and having hot chocolate and cookies. Shane

Thank you for bringing the telescopes. My favourite part was seeing the Space Station. Jason

Thank you for showing us the constellations. My favourite part was when the Space Station flew overhead and disappeared into the Earth’s shadow. Courtney

Thank you for showing us the stars. I really liked your laser. Aidan

Thank you for bringing the telescopes and teaching me so many new things. I had so much fun!!!! Nathan

Thank you! My favourite part is when we saw the Space Station. Emma

Thank you. It was very fun and the telescopes are cool. Ryann

Thank you! I loved when you showed us the Space Station and I loved the laser too! The telescopes were cool as well! Tabatha

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  1. I too loved the field trip. I also would like to thank all Dr. Arkos, the Nanaimo Astronomy Society, Ryan and George and all the families that came out. I would also like to give a big round of applause to Ms. Burnham and Miss Castleman who organized this wonderful learning opportunity.

    Lovely thank you notes Gr. 3's.