Thursday, May 24, 2012

Guest blogger Donovon

          I have a place for lacrosse in my heart
          We have a place for passion in our bodies
           She has a place for running in the arena
          He has a place for scoring in the game
           They have a place for sportsmanship in their team
           Our family has a place for believing in me
           Our school has a place for exercise in the system
           This city has a place for arenas in the community
          Our world has a place for faith in this game
          Where is your place for the game of lacrosse?


  1. I loved reading your lacrosse poem Donovon. I like your focus on exercise, healthy living and sportsmaship. :)

  2. Donovon, you certainly have a passion for lacrosse! Great poem and continued success in the sport you enjoy.
    Mr. Mazzei