Wednesday, January 18, 2012

It's a very snowy day ~ our grade 2's reflect on all this snow :)

 Our grade 2's were so excited about all the snow we wanted to celebrate our thoughts and feelings about it.

A lot of snow fell in Nanaimo today.  Here's what our school looked like.

Tyler:  I love throwing snowballs, but not at school.  I'm so happy its snowing :)

Wyler:  The snow is so deep that when I went to walk to school I had to drag my feet. 

MacKenzie: I like to make snowman and snowballs.  I liked the Biggest Snowman Ever story we just read. Snow is the best cause I threw it at my face.  :)

Emily: I love snow. I'm sooooooo excited about all this snow.  It's very snowy and drive safe ~ thank you.

Elise:  I was walking to school today and almost fell over because the snow was soooo deep.  I walked half way then my mom came and picked me up.

Nyah: I love the snow!  It is the best!  It is fabulous!

          Our playground was covered in snow
Emma:  I feel really nice when I have snow in my yard. Sometimes I get blocked in and I know its snowing because its so bright out.  I love to sled.

Jake:  I like the snow because Tyler made me dunk my head in it and that was AWESOME!

Kai:  I like the snow because me and my sister went to the park and went sledding and because I go sledding with my family every year.

Gr. 3 reflections:

Sarah: I love snow very much!  My friends and I are going to build a snowman and are going sledding at recess.  I love snow and so should you.

Alexis:  I love the snow.  My sister and I like to go sledding every time it snows.  We like to build snowmen in our backyard. 

Tyson:  Snow is Awesome!  I'm going to go snowboarding this year. 

Dylan:  I like going sledding and building snowman and sometimes I throw snowballs with my friends BUT not at school.


  1. It was nice to read all these reflections on snow, especially today when it's raining so hard again! I wonder if we'll get snow again this year.

  2. It is wonderful that our students enjoy playing in the snow safe and responsibly!
    Mr. Mazzei