Wednesday, January 25, 2012

More winners today :) as we celebrate Family Literacy Week

Today, grade 2 student Zoe gave a wonderful book share to her class. 
She is reading The Trenches from the "My Story: series about WW1.  She is reading it with her Papa and he is telling her great stories about life overseas and about the military.  Zoe is enjoying sharing this book with her Papa.  For such a great book share during family literacy week Zoe won a 'spot' prize and got her name in the draw for the grand prizes.

Catherine and Jacob both Gr. 5 students and Sarah in Gr. 3 also came up with the Who Am I answers and are entered into the draw. 

Emma (gr. 2) and Alexis (gr. 3) cooked with their mom and each earned a ticket to the draw. 

Erik (gr.4) read with his parents and is now in for the draw.

Many more students shared their Family Literacy week experiences with us during library classess today.  Way to go Randerson!  Keep up the great reading and learning. 

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